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Festival café

Serving festivals across the UK

We provide a great alternative to festival goers and event attendees everywhere. If they are looking for something slightly different from the run-of-the-mill burger van or kebab, we provide culinary excellence at an affordable price. Our festival café can serve hundreds of hungry customers every hour, keeping your audience fed and watered, and giving them something outside of the usual for their culinary experience.

Book us for your event - call today on 07809 716 063 , or email us through our booking form here.

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What our music and food festivals are

You will see our main festival van at the key festivals, with our smaller truck in key retail destinations and local towns ‘popping up' up from Thursday to Saturday. This is all complemented by our Food & Music at Home, where we reach out to local residents with our culinary experience in your space. So please feel free to contact us here.

For our festival café, international exposure such as the Paris Food Festival and Miami Food Festival are also on our radar.

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What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of London and Greater London as a popup café, and can serve across the UK for festival food.

Where will we be?

Our intention is to be present at the top 10 UK festivals in 2025 (if not before).





Community, Environment & Sustainability

We're totally cashless, and our popup café is completely contactless. We donate 5 pence of each transaction to our preferred mental health charity. Our units are built with sustainability in mind and our takeaway offer is designed with minimum packaging, and waste will be responsibly collected and recycled or decomposed.


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